Words beginning with "E"



Picking just one favorite word is an impossibility for me, but echelon ranks right up there with the best of them. The flow of its sound soothes me. And in my mind, I always say "the highest echelon," so its connotation is quite positive for me. I also think it would make a handsome name for one of my future sons.

Rebecca Schick




(A-'klar-E-&n )  Though not technically a word, yet, it is my life goal to get it in Webster's Dictionary.  It is an adjective meaning fantastic or phenomenal to the highest degree. As a fairly upbeat person I used the words fantastic and phenomenal so much they really lost their effect and meaning so I was hunting out a stronger word when I was inspired to create "eclarian." I have found it flows through a conversation so well people do not flinch when I use it. After learning that dictionaries do no take submissions I have created a plan. As a corporate trainer I use the word in all my classes. My hope is that each student will begin to use the word and influence their friends to use the word; eventually, it will be a part of the English language and Webster's Dictionary will have to include it!

David L. Feinberg




Because it sounds just like what it means; spirited, bubbly, full of the essence of life.

Bob Again




Firstly, any word with four or more syllables deserves credit in itself. Secondly, the sound of the 's' slipping between the gaps of one's teeth is a perfect finale to a truly harmonic piece of sound.





The word makes me giggle. What a funny name for a rather unattractive piece of anatomy. The more I vocalize elbow the funnier it seems.

Mistie Cato




Elfin is my favorite word. I am enamored by it because it seems to radiate a mysterious, angelic aura about itself, derived as it has been from "elf'." It is associated with a sense of petite, dainty, delicate and yet powerful and enigmatic, all rolled in one, which is why I find it so fascinating.





My favorite word is emerald.  I love the way it sounds and it brings to mind the brilliant green gemstone and also makes me think of Ireland as in "Emerald Isle".

Jeanne Huebner





I like this word because an encyclopedia holds all kinds of information and as I love to learn it's one of my favorite sources of info, even with the internet.

I like it even more because of the rhythm of the way it is spelled. I remember walking home from school in elementary with a friend from an older grade who had the word as a spelling word. She taught me how to spell it and how to remember it using a rhythmic example of mnemonics (another favorite word). I've loved it since then.


Sarah, Tulsa, OK




Enigma is my favorite word because it is big and fancy sounding and only six letters long. When I speak it, I feel as if I'm speaking a foreign, even alien, language. It is a difficult word to pronounce when used with the ever present "an."

Kyle Flanders




I love this word because it encompasses all I could ever need or want and also sets a limit on what I will accept. I love the feeling of having enough to eat or enough to pay the rent or enough sleep. When I feel overwhelmed or threatened, I can declare, "Enough!"

Gina Wallace




The upper section of a classical building, resting on the columns and constituting the architrave, frieze, and cornice.  It's the pronunciation, it just rolls off the tounge and has just the right number of consonants.

Robert Clemens




Ok, so I have a couple. First, Ephemeral, simply because the best things are. Also, as an antiques dealer, Ephemera is what I deal in -- primarily paper goods and advertising that were never meant to be kept long. That they survive at all, treasured by somebody, is a tiny miracle, really.

Then there's Frangible, for the very specific fragility it suggests. Reminds me of a single layer of croissant or the brulee on a creme. Yum.

And, finally, Wistful, because the above words are, apparently, chock full of wist.

Patricia Reilly



The word glides off the tongue like a sensuous dance.  Seemingly light as air. Yet with the inherent weight of the earthly time and the end of all things...  A wonderful duality. The word is poetry, perfected in a few syllables.




I am a brobdingnagian fan of the word epiphany. This is the result of staying up one particular evening during college (no drugs were involved in this particular exercise) in a very depressed state. As the crepuscular rays of the sun washed over the foliage along Charles river I had a mild and spiritual flash of understanding, followed by a cup of coffee and a search for the correct word to describe what I had experienced. That word was epiphany, and it was.

Anthony Beck




I like it because I didn't know it existed but for years felt a need for it. I wanted a word that describes all words that become generic descriptors of all varieties in their class---like "Kleenex" for facial tissue or "Xerox" for copy.

George Austin



Eschew Obfuscation

(Avoid Confusion)

This favorite phrase of mine has its origins (I believe) in the Quarterly Language Journal, Verbatim. I like it because it succinctly provides both instruction and an admonition that many find quite confusing. The fact that the words themselves contravene the instruction provides wry irony. Wear it on a t-shirt send it to your friends. Use it in your motivational sessions at work. Eschew obfuscation a trusted friend who is always there to provide clarity.

Paul A. J. Diggins



Eschew Obfuscation.

It forces you to enunciate carefully, sound like poetry, and rolls over the tongue like a vermilion cherry.

I first saw this on a wall back in 1972 when I was a teenager and no one could tell me what it meant. I loved it and tried for a long time to find out what it meant by asking people. Finally I got off my butt and looked it up in the dictionary. I may not be the sharpest knife in the draw but that was the longest it has ever taken me to get a joke. Now, as a customer service trainer I use it in every induction class and have it framed over my desk.

You have to love any joke that is so short, sharp and still makes you smile after 32 years.

Peter G., Brisbane Australia




My favorite word is esoteric. Apparently, knowledge of the meaning of this word coincides with the definition of the word. This is unfortunate, because it is a great word!

It even sounds special! Therefore, for all my esoteric friends of words, I present my favorite word: esoteric.

N. Cesario




Ethereal is so very will-o-the-wispy and alluring, just when you believe you have a fix on it, it's gone...but not in an aggravating way, rather to fascinate and entice.

Diane E. Plim




Etoufee, a spicy Cajun stew made with vegetables and seafood, is my favorite word. I like Cajun food. I like vegetables. I like seafood. I heard the word in a Cajun song and felt it was pure poetry. It embodies all of the joy of life.

Charlie Pekarek




I used to like it because when I worked for a Defence company (British), I put it in almost every report I wrote and confused everyone. This was regarded by management as a "good thing."

Now I like it because it reminds me of the Word Detective.

Nik Berry




My favorite word is explosion. It stems from when my son was about 4 years old: I came home from a long workday and he greeted me at the door with his usual big smile and hug. "Daddy, Daddy, on TV today? I was watching this program? And it had this... big... EXPLOSION!"  He drew the word out deliciously, putting a wonderfully timed expectant pause between the first two syllables: "ex... PLOOO-sion!" I realized that he had had more fun just saying the word "explosion" than I had had all day. I've always loved the exuberance he put into that word.





Extraordinary means exceptional or remarkable. Yet if you separate the word into two parts it becomes Extra Ordinary which to me means rather mundane and completely opposite its intended meaning.

H. Morgan




To expand into an unknown area to arrive at conjectural knowledge. I like the word extrapolate because I like to say it because I like L words. I like the way it physically feels when L words roll off my tongue.

Nancy Keohane




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