December 26

Help us find the Golden Slipper of words

Here at My Favourite Word we take a look at some of the biggest, weirdest and unique words used in the English language.

For us a good word is like when a want to be princess is given that Golden Slipper at the ball (Cinderella reference). We love finding them and we love when people send them in!

One of our favorite words at the moment is Bibble which is a term used for drinking too often and to eat and drink loudly because that is what we have been doing lately which is why the website has been stagnant for some time.

Another word we found that we thought was pretty funny was Gabelle which was used to describe the tax on salt. Crazy aye.

If you have a word you think is weird, funny, cool or outrageous be sure to send it in and you never know we may just make it our word of the day!

Golden Slipper search
the search is on to find the golden slipper of words